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Any foreign visitors wishing to enter the Republic of Korea must have a valid passport and obtain a Korean visa before coming. However, people of 99 countries who want to visit Korea temporarily are permitted to enter without a visa according to visa-exemption agreements, or in accordance with principles reciprocity of national interest.

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Countries under Visa Waiver Agreements

  • Country Applicable Passports Maximum period of stay Seaman's book
  • BAHAMAS Ordinary,Diplomatic,Official passport 90 days
  • CYPRUS Diplomatic,Official passport 90 days ×
  • MALTA Ordinary,Diplomatic,Official passport 90 days ×
  • NICARAGUA Ordinary,Diplomatic,Official passport 90 days, Staff stationed in Korea : During a period of incumbency
  • SINGAPORE Ordinary,Diplomatic,Official passport 90 days ×

Official Invitation Request

In order to request the documents for visa application, please register first. Then you can find option for the request.
If you have any question, feel free to contact IESO 2019 secretariat via email ()